Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sally - On her Watch, WestHighland Terrier - Dog Portrait Commission

12 X 16 - Oil on Canvas - SOLD

I rang the bell.  Sally met me at the door and she was immediately very friendly.  I was there to meet her and take photos of her in her backyard for an oil portrait.  We went out in the yard and I discovered that Sally liked to stand on a tall rock and overlook her territory.  She has a magnificent view towards the west overlooking a field, several back yards, and Long's Peak.  My goal was to get her to pose for me up on that rock. I played with her for a few minutes and gave her some treats.  Then I got the camera out and began taking pictures.  I was surprised that she was a little camera shy.  For every 25 shots I took only about two were useable as reference.  She was always on the move, and she is very short so I found myself laying down on the ground a lot.  After about 30 minutes outside with her I had the shots I needed. 

I sent several possible photos to Sally's owner for approval.  After I had a clear direction I produced the above oil painting.  Sally wore a great collar that day and it really helped the portrait to pop.  I put all the paint and important strokes up around her face.  I want the viewers eye to always end up on that great face.  Thanks for the great time Sally!

All the best,