Saturday, May 26, 2012

Painting Horses with Emotion by Mike Brouse

Horses are wonderful subjects for painters, poets, artists of all types have been drawn to these mysterious beasts.  Below is a sample of  works from this ongoing series of  horses. Link to my website.  Some of them are sold, but there are still some that are available as of Dec 2013.   I'm adding to the series all the time since horses are one of my favorite animal subjects. 

I really liked this poem about the horse by Sarah Katy Williams

Night Visitor 16 x 18 - Acrylic on canvas

"I am the Horse"

He stands proud, head held high majestically

Viewing me with reasonable suspicion

My scent fills his nostrils as he breathes in deep

He bows in acceptance and his trust is won

I reach out to touch his shimmering mane

As his soft muzzle brushes my cheek with hot air

I mount him, marvelling at the strength,

The intimacy of a closeness so rare.

As we take to flight the wind borders our path

Exhilaration and adrenalin floods me

His firm muscles beneath me pulsate

And his wild instincts tell him he must flee

I am comforted by the rocking rhythm

His pounding hooves hypnotise me

I am possessed by awe and childlike wonder

This mystical beast and I unite in harmony

We are one, he is me and I am the horse

Some samples of my paintings below.  

SOLD - Green Grass - 20" sq - Acrylic on canvas


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